Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Getting a personal loan to tide you over in times of a financial crisis is relatively easy nowadays. Most banks offer personal loans with flexible terms and conditions. You can compare the quotes and terms and conditions of various banks and choose the deal that best suits you. While taking a loan, knowing the equated monthly installment or EMI is top priority. This tells you how much you have to pay the bank every month and whether you can afford this. Once you decide that you can pay the EMI, you can plan your budget accordingly. Most banks have an EMI calculator which will help you find out easily the EMI for the loan that you intend to avail. You will have to start paying the EMI from the month following the month that you get the full loan amount. The principal amount as well as the interest is repaid through EMI.

How is the EMI calculated?

When calculating the EMI, the loan amount, the interest and the loan duration is taken into account. The EMI is usually calculated using the flat rate system or the reducing system. In the flat rate system, the rate of interest on the loan amount is calculated over the full duration of the loan, the principal and the interest is divided over the number of installments and the value arrived is your EMI.

In the reducing system, the interest is charged on the outstanding balance of the loan, which goes on reducing. The EMI is calculated using the formula EMI = (P x i) (1+i) ^n / ((1+i) ^n) – 1 where P is the principal amount, i is the interest rate and n is the tenure of the loan. For example, if you are taking a loan of Rs. 15,00,000 and the interest rate is 11% and the loan duration is for 5 years, then

P = 15, 00,000
i = (11/ 100)/12 = 0.00916
n = 5 x 12 = 60
Then the EMI is calculated as
(1500000 x 0.00916) (1 + 0.00916)60 / ((1+0.00916)60) – 1
Therefore EMI = Rs. 32,614.

Once you have calculated the EMI, you should ensure that you can afford to repay the amount in the correct time.

Facts about EMI

When paying the EMI, interest repaid decreases with each passing month while the principal repaid increases with each passing month.

EMI is usually the lowest when interest is calculated on a daily reducing basis.

If your loan amount goes up, then the EMI is larger. Similarly, the EMI will be larger if the interest rate is higher. However, the EMI will come down if the loan repayment term is longer.

The EMI vary even when the loan amount, interest and the loan tenure are the same due to the variations in the compounding frequency of interest rates.

Personal loan EMI calculator can help you find the ideal offer which will not cause too much financial strain.

Loan EMI Calculator

Calculate Your Personal Loan EMI

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Benefits of Personal Loan Calculator

Personal loans are the easiest and the most ideal financial assistance which can be used for meeting emergency requirements. The user friendly features of these loans have made them the most popular funding among the loan borrowers. The main advantage of this financing is that, the same can be used for any short term personal needs. All loans except personal loans are to be used for the purposes quoted against them and the loan borrowers have to convince the loan provider regarding the same. Like any other loans, Equated Monthly Installments (EMI) is very much important to personal loans too. This is the amount to be remitted in equal monthly installments against the loan taken. With the help of personal loan calculator the monthly repayments on any loan can be calculated effortlessly and accurately.

Calculate Your Personal Loan EMI

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Usage of personal loan calculator: – The application of personal loan calculator is so simple and easy. These devices are mainly used to find out the amount to be repaid in equal installments for clearing the loan taken. For this, the data to be furnished in the personal loan calculator are principal loan amount, rate of interest and repayment tenure. For getting the affordable loan amount for an individual, the information required to be furnished is monthly repayable amount together with repayment tenure and rate of interest. Thus the loan borrowers are very much benefited by the usage of this tool.  Certain online loan lenders arrange the calculators to their personal loan customers then and there.

Advantages of personal loan calculator: – The personal loan calculator is very convenient and comfortable as far as the financial advisors and loan planners are concerned. By this method the borrowers can have correct picture regarding the loan they are going to take. The features of personal loan calculator are as follows.

  1. Enables the loan planners to study the aspects of various financing methods.
  2. Helps to choose a proper loan scheme according to the customer’s financial status.
  3. Personal loan calculator is helpful to compare the various loan offerings.
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  5. Application and planning of loan amount can be done effectively with this.
  6. The available tax benefits in personal loans can be studied by this calculator.
  7. Support borrowers to maintain good credit history with affordable repayment.
  8. Assist borrowers to compare various loan schemes and choose the most suitable one.

While applying for a personal loan, the borrowers must make sure that they can repay the same in regular monthly installments. A personal loan calculator assists such individuals in this regard to a great extend. By choosing affordable loan scheme, the borrowers can keep very good credit record which enables them to qualify for other types of loans. The tax benefits available from various personal loans can be studied very correctly by this device. All loan providers have their own personal loan calculators to find out the best loan option with respect to the affordability of their customers.